Products of Iran

Iran is a country with diverse geographical and climatic conditions and this has made it very rich in natural resources. It has rich reserves of oil, minerals and agriculture and has long been the exporter of these items around the world.

Most of the export products are related to mineral products and mineral industries such as cement, petrochemical products, petroleum products, raw materials and agricultural products. Below are the ten main groups of Iranian export products.


Mineral fuels including oil

Plastics, plastic articles

Organic chemicals:

Iron, steel

Fruits, nuts

Ores, slag, ash



Salt, sulphur, stone, cement:


Iran is the world’s second holder of gas reserves and the fourth largest holder of oil reserves in the world, which almost owns the first rank in the world in the case of aggregation of oil and gas reserves. The largest share of the export value of Iranian goods is in the field of mineral fuels, mineral oils and their distillation products, bitumen and mineral waxes. Also, plastic materials and objects made from these materials, organic chemical products, cast iron, steel and iron are in the next ranks. In the next category there are plastic materials and objects made of these materials, organic chemical products, cast iron, steel and metal ore are in the next ranks.

After passing through this group of goods, the export of products made of natural leather, edible fruits, citrus peels, vegetables and plants and fertilizers were ranked next in Iran’s exports. Iran, with a share of more than 95 % of the world’s saffron production, exports its products to 45 countries and has the best  quality saffron in the world.

Iran has long been one of the largest producers and exporters of dates. The values of the indicators in most years show the relative advantage of Iranian dates. Iranian pistachio is one of the most popular types of pistachios in the world. Also, agricultural products such as medicinal plants, raisins, barberry, cumin and dozens of other various products are cultivated and exported in Iran with the best quality.

Iran is one of the major producers of caviar

the field of handicrafts, Iran, by owning the very rich and diverse scattered cultures that exist in cities and villages and among nomads, as well as the different climatic and environmental conditions, we face the breadth of handicrafts. These industries are usually produced in rural and nomadic areas and in the residence of artisans. It is noteworthy that more than seventy percent of Iranian handicraft producers are women. One of the most important handicrafts in Iran is Iranian handmade carpets, which are ranked as one in the world in terms of quality and are often woven by Iranian women. Other handicrafts include metalwork, pottery, woodwork, ornaments, glasswork, stone works, leatherwork, mats, kilims, and more

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