In the past, transactions were done in person, and the parties to the transaction had to spend a lot of time and long distances to go to the desired country and perform their desired transactions. But today, with the help of the Internet and the expansion of communication in the world, it has become a village, and from all over the world and from the farthest points, it is possible to communicate in a fraction of a second and get acquainted with each other’s activities And easily do the transactions without spending long time and lengthy  trips, we i.e.  Azhman group, have used these modern advances to make deals around the world and extend a hand of friendship to the world and strengthen our ties with the people of the world. Therefore, Azhman Group is active in the field of exporting Iranian goods all over the world and importing goods to the Iranian market where ever and whenever the laws allow. Our team receives the request for the goods you need and tries to supply them at reasonable, and competitive prices as soon as possible. We will also review the Iranian market for your manufactured goods and import your goods to Iran if needed. Our goal is to import and export based on the Iranian standards, international standards and your country’s standards. Our commitment is to maintain a long-term relationship with producers and consumers, a high level of trust to our customers  and this is what sets our company apart. Our motto is  forward together , and the goal is for both sides to benefit from this, and to have a win-win business, and thus strengthen Iran’s friendship with the world by doing business. come to FORWARD TO GETHER.




THE activity of Azhman Mehr team is divided into two export and import of goods. Our export team tries to provide the Iranian products required by the owners of different industries around the world and the import department provides the needs of the Iranian people from all over the world whenever and where ever is possible.

Food industry
industrial products
Oil and gas and petrochemical
Technical Services


Exporting Iranian products to all over the world with the best quality, reasonable and competitive price and strengthening the Iranian relationship with all people of the world.


  • Oil, gas and petrochemical products
  • Food industry
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Mineral products
  • Industrial machineries
  • Building materials

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